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Windows 8 – So do I we need to upgrade now?

It’s been more than a week since I had my home workstation running Windows 8, It was originally running Windows 7 Pro. So what it is for us programmers.

No 1 , it’s nothing as far as our life as enterprise developers is concerned it will be years before everyone or significant numbers to move to Windows 8 to really embrace “Windows 8 UI”(aka Metro). 

No 2 its quite the opposite since there tons of related usability and navigation features introduced. Though many thousand hours were put in designing the great user interface and the new navigation system, they break 1 simple rule, “Don’t make me think”. It’s not like picking a new set of wheels and floor them to feel the benefit. You do really have to read the user manual and helps to get around. What you supposed to do when all these years you have “Start Menu” ( nor it I understand why we all should click Start menu to shutdown) and it’s been really good in Windows 7 and suddenly it’s gone and you have to learn the new things.

No 3, Do we really care about all these new features, most likely not, the number 1 reason for the upgrade for me as a programmer is usability and performance is the key indicator of usability. As Windows progress so is the performance only in this aspects that I were to consider to adopt the new OS. Then there are things like.. it just works and that what great piece software does.

No 4 Visual Studio 2012 rocks, the UI were different but it’s good enough for me, ReSharper 7 just works, it’s all that matter. 


Obviously this opinion is based on my everyday life as a developer building enterprise application. If you are a developer in web/mobile and what not. Then you might not agree with me.Especially those who think that being connected at all the time it the utmost important part of your life.


The more things change the more they stay the same. BTW what is so great about being connected all the time.


So how much time do you spend reading emails

Emails is the biggest productivity killer for programmers, so should you or not spend time reading your emails. All I’m saying is schedule your email. Don’t write much.